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Tumbling eps 10 & 11 - Notes of Doom


No we're not officially back. But we do have an update. :)

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Hiatus Announcement

Hi everyone! We aren't dead, though it may have seemed that way. ^^; The holidays, work, family and random health issues have interfered with our regular posting schedule. We know that people are anxious for the completion of Tumbling and Q10. Let me assure you all that we definitely intend to complete both series. Things are just slower than usual for us. ^^;; We decided to take this season "off," as in, not picking up any new series, so that we could catch up with the series we've already committed to. We'll post notes here once we have the next batch of things ready. ♥

Thanks again for your patience and understanding!


Q10 episode 03 - Notes of Doom

 Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been so long between updates. The past month or so has been oddly busy for me. But never fear! We will finish this series as quickly as possible. Which is to say probably not as quickly as you'd hope, but definitely more quickly than you're afraid of. lol ^_^

Anyway... Enjoy!

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Tumbling Ep 09 - Notes of Doom

Yay! It's another episode of Tumbling! ^_^

We're in the final stretch with only two left.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

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Q10 episode 02 - Notes of Doom

Hey everyone!

Sorry this took us so long. It was completely my fault. There was the World Series (American Baseball), Halloween, work... The time vortexes hit me hard and fast, eating my time while I wasn't looking. ^^;; Hopefully, the rest of the episodes won't take me this long... We'll see. I'll do my best!

But for now... enjoy!

Oh! The notes don't exactly contain spoilers... I don't think they give away any plot, but they don't not give away plot either... ? I mean, you can piece things together from them, but you can do that with most of our notes, so... use your best judgment. ^_^

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Q10 episode 01 - Notes of Doom

Hello everyone!

It's the beginning of a new series! Welcome to newcomers and welcome back to old friends. ^_^

Sorry it took us so long to release this... Lots of stuff going on. ^^; But here it is! At long last! The notes for this episode are sort of epic. There aren't many of them, but a few are super long. ^^;;

Hope you enjoy this first episode as much as we did!

(As this is the first post for this series, and some of you may never have read our notes before, we've included some general notes for our translations. The notes more specific to this episode are slightly further down. If you're not familiar with our work, we do not post videos or subs here, only our translation notes.)

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Tumbling Ep 08 - Notes of Doom

It's been a while since we last posted, but we're back again! ^_^

This time we're bringing you another episode of Tumbling! Yay!

There aren't may notes this time, but the ones we have are all over the map. lol Enjoy!

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Love Rainbow - a song translation

Just to round out the whole NatsuNiji experience, we've decided to post a translation of the theme song, "Love Rainbow." This song has many translations out there already, but, again, it's hard to capture the meaning in any one, single translation so we figured one more couldn't hurt. ^_^

This song is very poetic (read "hard to translate" lol), with some beautiful imagery. As usual, we've included a few notes to highlight points of interest and some of the reasons we translated things the way we did.

Hope you like it!

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Now that we've finished NatsuNiji, we feel it's time to announce our projects for next season. ^_^

Our primary project will be... Q10!

We may also take on one or two other projects, but we have to see how much time we have. ^^;;

Don't worry. We're still working on Tumbling and Wagaya. We aren't planning on dropping them, and we apologize for the delays. It's just... sometimes real life gets in the way. ^^; Thank you for your understanding.

We're looking forward to another great season with all of you!

NatsuNiji 10 - Notes of Doom

We're done!

lol I told you it wouldn't take long, right? ^_^ Of course, no one could have expected it to come this quickly.

This finishes another series for us. Thank you all for your patience and support over the course of this project. It really means a lot to us.

Enjoy the final installment of this lovely series!

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